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At Tolworth School we are committed to planning and delivering a rich and creative curriculum for all our children, which encompasses the requirements of the National Curriculum as well as the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies.

English and Mathematics are central aspects of the curriculum but we recognise the importance of Computing, Science and Religious Education in preparing our children for today's world. We also fully value the importance of the foundation subjects of Design Technology, Art and Design, Geography, History and Music, which enrich our children's learning. The importance of Physical Education (PE), Personal, Social Health Education (PSHE) and healthy eating encourage our children to keep active and make the right choices to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Our curriculum is designed to develop a curiosity and a love for learning, to foster and develop imagination, investigation and independence. This ethos is woven into everything we do with our children, through well-structured lessons and learning experiences, which lead to confident, lifelong, independent learners, well prepared for and the changing pace and challenges of modern life.

'Happy Children, Successful Learners'

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